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A Kick Ass Marketing System For Your Business

Hollie Power on April 20, 2018

Do you have a proper marketing system in place in your business? One which delivers clients to you week in and week out? One which is scaleable, measurable and predictable? Oh, and did I mention free to implement? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.   It’s a real thing and Ryan discusses it […]

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Does GDPR Apply To Me?

Hollie Power on March 29, 2018

Please note that we’ve compiled this to try and help our community understand their potential obligations.  This in no way constitutes legal advice and anyone unsure should seek their own independent legal assistance from a qualified lawyer. One of the most asked questions in our private Facebook community over the last weeks is whether or […]

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You’re Doing It All Wrong – Getting The Most From Trade Shows And Exhibitions

Hollie Power on March 16, 2018

Ryan looks at how you can get the most from the next trade exhibition you attend.   You’ve queued with excited anticipation. Your badge has been scanned and you’re ready to go; like some sort of Olympic sprinter waiting for the starter’s pistol. Then BANG! The doors are open and it’s a mad dash for […]

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How To Get People To Open Your Emails

Hollie Power on March 2, 2018

Ah, email open rates. Always a hot topic of debate. There’s nothing more infuriating that writing a kick ass email and then having nobody read it. *hurls wireless mouse on the floor* Couple that with the fact that it’s getting harder and harder for people to read your emails, I thought I’d throw a few pointers […]

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What Have You Always Dreamed Of Doing?

Hollie Power on February 23, 2018

It’s not easy being a small business owner. There is more competition than ever. We’re constantly told to hustle more and work both harder and for longer. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do any of that. But you do have to make time for yourself. And, moreover, for your dreams. I’ve many dreams. Some of […]

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facebook live

The Results Of Broadcasting A Facebook Live Video Every Day For Seven Days

Hollie Power on February 16, 2018

There has been a lot of news about Facebook recently. Moreover, about the ever-dropping organic reach of business pages. You might even have grumbled about it yourself. Over on our Facebook page I decided to conduct an experiment. What would happen to our results if we broadcasted a Facebook live video every day for a […]

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Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp

Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp

Ryan on February 12, 2018

So the Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp is live and has already created its first graduates! Ten incredible weeks of learning, five bumper modules and live Q&A calls with Ryan to ensure that nobody gets left behind. Here is what a couple of the first graduates had to say about the course… Here’s one from […]

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How To Get More Referrals For Your Beauty Business

Hollie Power on February 9, 2018

Referrals are the life blood for your business.  You can build an entire business or even empire on the back of them, writes Ryan… I always considered a referral received from a client as an indication of a job well done. In many ways it’s one of the highest complements you can receive. It seems […]

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Why I’m Leaving Twitter

Hollie Power on December 11, 2017

3,615 tweets later and I’m leaving Twitter. I can’t say that I’m especially saddened to see the back of the UK’s second most popular social media network (marginally ahead of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat but still way behind Facebook). Social media has become a bit of a drag I’ve found. The constant notifications on your […]

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How To Turn Facebook Likes Into Paying Clients

Hollie Power on September 16, 2017

One of the questions we are asked about social media more than any other is how to turn Facebook likes into paying clients. It’s the holy grail. The idea that we can somehow magically transform a fleeting click of a button into someone walking into our premises and handing us their hard earned money  is […]

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