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What Happens When New Competition Comes To Town

Ryan on August 15, 2018

Competition.   Love it or loathe it sooner or later we all have to deal with it. Following on from an email I received from one of our private coaching clients this week I thought that maybe there were lots of others who might just be going through something similar. In the video below you’ll […]

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Are You Doing Enough To Grow Your Business?

Ryan on August 3, 2018

That’s a simple question, casually asked. You probably, instinctively, know the answer right now. I’m going to have a guess and state that deep down you know that you’re probably not doing enough. Because if you were then you probably wouldn’t have time for reading blogs like this one… you’d be sipping the finest champagne […]

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Could You Copy This Smart Hotel Upsell?

Ryan on July 21, 2018

So I received a lovely email this last week from one of our VIP group members; Emma at The Essentials Beauty Salon as she wanted to share with me a wonderful story of an upsell she’d experienced from a national hotel chain. You’ve probably heard of Village Hotels. They’ve a rather nifty little tactic for […]

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5 Ways To Be More Productive And Get More Done

How To Be More Productive And Get More Done

Ryan on July 13, 2018

In today’s busy world we’re required in more places than ever and seemingly have more roles than ever too.   Have you noticed though that some people seem to be more productive than the average gal on the street and seem to accomplish way more too? They are like supermen and women ticking off tasks […]

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Your Positioning And Authority

Ryan on July 6, 2018

  Your positioning and authority matter a lot, even though they are something which few people give serious consideration to. Think about how the positioning of House of Fraser and Poundland differ, for example. Or how Primark position themselves differently to Zara. Your positioning matters, too. It will determine how your clients (and future potential […]

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Your Goals For 2018 At The Halfway Point Of The Year

Ryan on July 4, 2018

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash   Wow, July already! Where did the first half of 2018 go to? Given that half the year has now passed, it’s the perfect time to analyse how you’re doing against your goals for the year. You did set some, right? Well now is the time to either check […]

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Punta Cana Beach

What We Can Learn From The Smoothest Sales Rep In The Caribbean

Ryan on June 15, 2018

Ryan is back with the final instalment of his Caribbean-inspired blog series – telling the story this time of Anthony, the smoothest sales representative in the Caribbean.  Possibly.  You can catch up if you’ve missed any using the links at the bottom of the article. I’ve always been fascinated by the different sales processes which […]

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How To Collect More TripAdvisor Reviews

Ryan on June 7, 2018

Ryan’s back once again (with the Renegade Master?) with yet another lesson from the Caribbean. So it transpires that TripAdvisor is just as prevalent in the Caribbean as are mosquitos, beaming white smiles and rum (there is also a slim chance the last two are related).   In one restaurant, however, we met one gentleman who […]

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I'm not a gym snob but this is poor for a 5* resort!

Two Things You Just Can’t Have Together

Ryan on May 31, 2018

Ryan is back again, with another blog all the way from the sunny Caribbean… There are certain things which go together perfectly; cheese and wine, fish and chips and Chas and Dave, for example. (Ask your parents if you’ve no idea on that last one!). Yet certain other things simply can’t co-exist. So upon learning […]

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Good Habits vs Bad Habits

Ryan on May 25, 2018

Ryan is back with another blog inspired from his recent stint in the Caribbean… You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Habits It has long been suggested that the quality of your habits will determine the quality of your life. Only recently have I realised exactly what this means, and indeed the impact its understanding […]

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