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Our Appearance On The Phorest Podcast

Ryan on March 22, 2019

So very recently I was asked to appear on the Phorest Salon Software podcast and naturally I said yes. We were chatting about Facebook – and the blurred lines between personal and business accounts in 2019. We also ran through a whole number of strategies which anyone can implement in their business right now to […]

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Winning Awards For Your Beauty Business

Ryan on January 8, 2019

Winning awards for your beauty business is a smart idea. After all, we all prefer to deal with an award winning business above one who hasn’t won any awards, all other things being equal, right? So not only will you start to attract new clients toward you but you’ll also find that these clients – […]

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How Much Is A Client Worth To You?

Ryan on October 16, 2018

The Las Vegas story of $1,000,000 in cold, hard cash! When we were in Las Vegas a couple of weeks back (have I mentioned we went to Las Vegas?!), we took a trip to Fremont Street in the Downtown area of the city. For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure before, Downtown […]

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When Is A Client Most Likely To Purchase From You?

Ryan on October 16, 2018

(Tales from Las Vegas Part Two – you can read Part One on the greatest customer service we’ve ever received here) When do you think a client is most likely to purchase something from you? I believe it’s immediately after they’ve just purchased something else. Think about it. They are most likely stood right in […]

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Las Vegas, Baby! And Some Of The Best Service We’ve Ever Received

Ryan on October 8, 2018

I’ll never forget the day we visited the Overlook Grill. I’ll never forget the date, either. Not least because it marked the start of my forty-second year here on planet Earth. But it wasn’t the wonderful food which we’ll remember most about our vist. Nor the stunning backdrop, either. Not even the bottomless fizz. What […]

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Don’t Use Coupon Or Daily Deal Websites… Do This Instead

Ryan on September 21, 2018

Many, many years ago (before I was wise enough to know better) I was talked into running a deal with a very famous discount voucher website. You’ve probably heard of them. In fact, you most certainly would have. You may have even been persuaded into running an offer with them yourself; or at least considered […]

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How To Embed YouTube Videos Into Your WordPress Blog

Ryan on September 7, 2018

So you’ve made some nice videos for your YouTube channel, but what now? Well first and foremost you’ll want to embed your video into your website. It’ll help both your YouTube video views as well as your website SEO. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. It’s a really quick watch and very […]

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Two Ways To Schedule Posts On Facebook In 2018

How To Schedule Facebook Posts 2018

Ryan on August 30, 2018

Facebook has a habit of changing things without warning anyone.   Well, maybe they warn someone but I never seem to get the memo! One of the recent ‘improvements’ – as they would no doubt dub it – revolves around the scheduling of posts. Now scheduling posts in Facebook is one of the best time […]

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Alton Towers

Alton Towers: Kings Of The Upsell

Ryan on August 23, 2018

So this weekend Hollie and I made our annual pilgrimage to Alton Towers.   We always try to make it once a year because, well, roller coasters! It’s fair to say we’re adrenaline junkies and running around theme parks like a pair of school children is simply one of our favourite things to do. But […]

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What Happens When New Competition Comes To Town

Ryan on August 15, 2018

Competition.   Love it or loathe it sooner or later we all have to deal with it. Following on from an email I received from one of our private coaching clients this week I thought that maybe there were lots of others who might just be going through something similar. In the video below you’ll […]

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