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BeautyBusinessSuperstars.com is about helping beauty business owners become their best. Using marketing methods and growth strategies which have been tried and tested and proven to work, we want to help you take your business to the next level and beyond.

“After a history in sales and marketing, travelling the world, property sales and recruitment,
I changed my whole career around at 27 to enter the magical, exciting world of beauty – and I haven’t looked back.

I opened a small, 3 treatment room salon in a hotel basement – against the advice of my peers and the surprise of my family. For me, it was love… the industry intrigued, mesmerised and fascinated me – as I spent time researching every shade of coral in every polish, creams that promise miracles, and a whole host of wonderful clients itching to try these new discoveries out.

One thing I very quickly learned was that most salons and beauty professionals don’t know how to market their business and get new clients. If this insults you, I apologise, I mean not to offend. You are patrons of the arts – individuals who intricately know the ins and outs of the human body – and can create a haven for clients that indulge their senses. I’m not a beauty therapist – and I have to find brilliant therapists like you to create the businesses I have.

But to me, that shows that with the skills of a marketer and the expert touch of a beauty professional, it’s possible to create a thriving, profitable business even in this unstable economy. And I have worked out how.

Through my own trial and errors as a spa owner, I have implemented everything I have learnt from every seminar I’ve attended, book I’ve read and experience I’ve had.

When I won an award as Employer of the Year – it became apparent how much I love to work with ‘keen bean’ beauty professionals who so long for a steady stream of quality clients and salons who want bulging diaries and overflowing tills.   I’ve since won another business award for Small Business of the Year and grown my own beauty business to twenty times its original size.

I’ve also brought my husband Ryan into my team so that your business too can benefit from his sales and marketing genius – just as my business has.

How we can help you…


So what do we do, here at Beauty Business Superstars?

I don’t have a magic wand to wave over your business but I do have some spell books – that if followed with the right ingredients and work, can create a very successful business for you – whether you operate alone or you own or run a salon.

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And if you really want to supercharge your business then you can apply to work with Ryan and I – we love working with clients one to one.

Remember you only have one life, so live it!”

Hollie and Ryan xx