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When I first opened my salon, I found it all a little overwhelming. “How would people know I am here?”, I thought. “Is taking on a new team member the right move?”, I worried. “How can I get my diary nice and full – without resorting to super cheap deals and voucher sites?” And most of all I thought “How am I going to balance it all? I want a great business, but I want a great life too. Is it even possible to have it all?”

I must have read 100 books, all telling me different things. Work smart, one said, not hard. Another told me I’d need to work 80 hour weeks and earn nothing for 3 years. One told me I should put all my start up costs on credit cards. What was I to do?

So, I pulled my socks up and worked out a plan. A way I COULD have it all. A thriving business, lots of happy clients coming back time and time again, ready to book our services and buy our products – all whilst I got to enjoy my healthy bank balance.

Of course, it didn’t happen over night – it took planning, preparation and some clever marketing courtesy of my husband (which he’ll share with you on this website) – but I truly believe that you can have a beauty business that appeals to you. Whether that’s working one day a week and spending more time with your family, living the high life in Marbella whilst your business makes you money, or just plain old loving work every day and dealing with good quality clients that love what you do.

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Hollie Power and Ryan Power
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With a few simple tweaks I now have double the amount of average clients per week that pay full price…

6 months ago I was at best getting 4 clients a week average, I cleaned 3 mornings per week and didn’t really advertise but thought that everyone would tell everyone else that I am amazing and they would come flocking. I’m fairly newly qualified so kept undervaluing my skill set and cheapening my service just to keep the few clients I was getting.

Then I started to search for ways to improve my business so I could give up the cleaning and provide for my family. I came across lots of information but I really connected to Hollie’s message. With a few simple tweaks I now have double the amount of average clients per week that pay full price, they re-book, buy retail and are introducing friends. I have now handed in my notice with my cleaning jobs. What a difference with a little hard work and change of mind set.

Amber Gregory, Beauty By Mrs G

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9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business

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Thanks Beauty Business Superstars for sharing your knowledge but doing so with great inspiration!

Beauty Business Superstars (and Ryan, of course) have helped not only my business, but also my belief in the industry. With them being so specialised towards hair and beauty it impacts so much more than the usual training/marketing/business coaching available online.

I also feel its so much more supported, relevant, DOABLE and results driven – with huge support along the way. Thanks Beauty Business Superstars for sharing your knowledge but doing so with great inspiration! xx

Erin Harper REJOY

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