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The Power Of Upselling – And Why You Need To Do This

Let’s start out straight away with a clear definition of what upselling is and what it isn’t, so that everyone can be clear.

Upselling, in the most basic of terms, is all about increasing your client’s spend with you and thus making their transaction more profitable than it otherwise would have been.

What it is not is somehow tricking, pressurising or forcing your client to hand over more money that they otherwise would have.

Think of the most famous in history, “would you like fries with that?”

Whenever we hear the word ‘sales’ in any context lots of people react as if it is a dirty word.

That somehow we shouldn’t want to sell and that people don’t want to be sold to.

Well let me tell you something; it’s not a dirty word, you should want to sell and your clients will be happy to be sold to.

If it is done in the correct manner, and with their best interests at heart.

And that’s a big ‘IF’, by the way!

Is this what you think of when selling is mentioned?  It doesn't have to be this way!

Is this what you think of when selling is mentioned? It doesn’t have to be this way!

 Why You Must Offer An Upsell To Your Clients 

I see upselling as a classic win-win scenario.   It’s good for you, and it’s good for your clients.   And if that’s the case then you owe it to yourself and your clients to jolly well do a lot more of it.

Let’s selfishly first look at why it is good for you, the business owner.

There are only three ways to grow your business.  They are –

– get more customers

– sell your existing customers more stuff (i.e. increase the value of each transaction)

– sell to your customers with a greater frequency (i.e. get them coming in to see you more regularly)

The easiest, least expensive and most profitable of these is to sell your existing customers more stuff, right when they are there in front of you.

You’ve already had the expense of getting the customer in the first place, so any additional sales or upgrades that you make will be more profitable that the initial sale.  That is to say that your costs will not increase at the same level as your income.

Make sense?  Good.  So why aren’t you doing more of it?!

It is guaranteed to increase your profitability.

Why You Owe It To Your Clients To Offer Them More

Let’s again be clear, this must be done in the right way.  We are not simply trying to load clients up with anything that you think you can sell them.   Even if you make the sale, you’ll lose a customer!

However, you absolutely should make recommendations to your client, where appropriate, if you feel that they have a problem which you can solve.

If you’ve done a facial for a client then you should recommend the appropriate product so that they can continue feeling good after the treatment longer than they otherwise would.

After a manicure or pedicure you might like to suggest the client takes home with them the accompanying polish so they can replicate the look for themselves.

Making such suggestions, when it is in the best interests of the client, is offering a better level of service than if you didn’t.

If you have the solution to your client’s problem then you should be telling them about it; and they’ll be happy to listen, too!

Upselling is good

You owe it to your clients to offer a premium upsell

How To Do It

The services and products which you offer should be structured in such a way that there are lots of opportunities for upselling.

You should make sure you stock complementary products for the treatments or services that you offer so that you can give your clients the opportunity to buy them from you.   It is your duty to have them available and to inform your client of their availability.   Some will want them, and some won’t.   But if you don’t offer them then you’ll certainly sell none whatsoever!

You should also offer premium or extended versions of your services.

If you offer a 30 minute massage then you should also offer a 60 minute one.

If you offer a manicure then you should also offer a luxury manicure.

Each service you offer could probably be extended or made more exclusive, luxurious or expensive.

Now, don’t expect everyone to take the more expensive option.

But – and here’s the good bit – you can expect around 20% of people to.   Yes, 1 in 5!

But only if you give them the opportunity to do so!

Lots of people will buy the more expensive option because it is the most expensive!

So in summary you can add more to your bottom line whilst at the same time offering a superior service to your clients.

Not if that isn’t a win-win then I don’t know what is.

Start thinking today about what additions you can add to your menus, and let me know what you come up with in the comments section below.

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2 responses to “The Power Of Upselling – And Why You Need To Do This”

  1. Claire says:


    Love your posts – just read the post about upgrading – say if I was to offer a brisa lite smoothing gel application underneath their shellac – when and how do you bring up the extra price? Would you/could you say something like “looking at your natural nails and weve identified you suffer with ridged nails – Id recommend a brisa lite smoothing gel under your shellac application” do you wait until they say yes then say thats an extra £xx ?

    • Hollie says:

      Hi Claire, and thanks for reaching out! Well there are a few points to cover here. Firstly, you’ve outlined exactly why it is important to have a consultation with your client to discover their true needs and wants before you start any work. This way you can discuss it with your client and make any further recommendations. At that point you can discuss the price as you mention; there is no point hiding it.

      What you may with to consider, however, is that if you make certain recommendations regularly then you might consider offering some predetermined packages or bundles to encourage your clients to have the additional treatment too. You’ll be giving them great service by assessing their needs properly and most clients will really appreciate this.

      Good luck!

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