Ryan on August 3, 2017

How To Build Landing Pages Using Convert Kit

Never before has building landing pages been so simple!

Thank you Convert Kit!

If you’re unsure what a landing page is – or why you need them – then stay tuned.

A landing page is a page on your website which serves as an entry point. Typically there is only one thing you can do on the page and it often looks a little different to the other pages.

It’s primary goal is often to collect the email address of the visitor – and in our case we want to do just that so that we can then build a relationship with the visitor via email.

There are no other distractions on the page so all the visitor can do is input their details or leave.

To encourage them to do the former we’re going to offer them something of value which we think they’ll love. Something they love enough to be willing to give up their contact details.

This could be entry into a competition, a free guide, a video series or pretty much anything you like!


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